Dianabol Cycle

dianabol cycle

Want to gain the extra mass in your body so that you can look that muscular man over the television then Dianabol could be your best landmark! Dianabol is the leading anabolic supplement in the present market whose common dose may vary from 30-50 mg daily and the cycle could be extended for a month or a half at a stretch. If you are first time user then 30-40 mg is sufficient quantity for developing muscular physique and great strength. Dianabol is also known as Diana or Dbol in certain parts and is known to be the most popular oral anabolic that had been preferred by bodybuilders since long.

Reason behind the popularity of Dianabol

In recent scenario, none of the pharmaceutical companies are directly involved in producing Dianabol. Only underground labs are producing oral tablets of 5, 10 and 50 mg. The main reason behind the popularity of Dianabol is that, it is taken orally and hence amateurish users find it simple to start when compared to others injectable supplements. Economically it is highly preferred due to its low cost than other anabolic and above all, it is commonly available. The best reason to buy this product among all is the effective results, one can witness so quickly.

Process to take Dianabol

Injection of Dianabol is available in the market but one can orally take the tablets of Dianabol reflecting the same effect. One is required to split the dosage in 24 hours as Dianabol has shorter half life and this practice is needed for sustaining stability in the blood pressure level. It is simple to practice if you are using tablets and it is always recommended to be taken after your meal so that any possibilities of stomach issues could be avoided. There are other schools of thought where people recommend consuming it before a workout. It is believed to deliver maximum benefits and greater results in the gym as the level of blood concentration is at maximum during workouts. The effect that it has over liver due to the administration regime of this product is the biggest drawback of this product.

Cycle of Dianabol

Needle shy consumers, as well as those who are new to such Supplements, prefer Dianabol above all other for gaining mass. Experienced users may take more than 40 mg but not above 80 mg a day and should not exceed the tenure by 6 weeks. It is also recommended as it is easily available in the market. Experienced users are seen to combine it with other strong anabolics including Deca-Durabolin or Testosterone Enanthate.


Stacking is a process where the Dianabol can be used with the other products of Dianabol or other anabolics. It is seen that Dianabol is often selected by the beginners who are not very sure about the stacking but want to enjoy the result of utilizing anabolic compound of only one kind. There are certain novices who failed to understand the importance of managing to a stack of an anabolic cycle. Dbol is the only anabolic supplement that provides significant outcome even if you use it without any other anabolic supplement.

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy is an important part of your Anabolic intake plan and it should be given priority. This plan is needed after the usage of it has been ceased. Generally, it is recommended that it should be used with the mixture of other drugs so that stability in HPTA functions could be maintained and the estrogenic side effects could be avoided. It directly results as a leading mass building agent. As the reaction of Dianabol is too fast, you are not required to consume it for a longer period.

Dianabol Cycle Benefits

People who are scared to inject themselves every time can enjoy the equal benefits through the oral version of this supplement.

It is too easy to commence.

You can forecast the outcome that you are likely to receive, measure the side effects and after measuring every pros and cons you can decide whether to use it or not.

The results could be seen in less than one month if you follow the mantra of right exercise complimented with right diet at right time.

It is advised to utilize it for one month or one and a half month as people who use it for 2 months or more may have to face severe liver damages issues.


Muscle mass is increased at a rapid rate along with incredible strength.

Ascended energy levels with the capability of working hard due to the presence of glycolysis effect in it could be enjoyed by one who uses it.

Improved and revised nitrogen retention that helps in building muscle mass at a great rate.

Advised cycle for beginners

Tenure- 1 to one and a half month

Dosage- 20-30 mg a day

The side effects could be restricted as the required dosage is low. The cycle of Dianabol permits you to measure the results every now and then. You can keep a check on the dose so that in case if any side effect occurs it can be controlled. It is advised to keep a cycle log of Dbol to the beginners where you mention the timings, dose, and any side effects noticed by you on regular basis.

It clearly results in monitoring any kind of changes, progress and the clear effect of the exercises practice along with the Dbol supplement.

After the cycle ends

The results derived from intake of Dbol is really impressive but sadly this effect doesn’t last for long. After the completion of the cycle, it is seen that users either gain excessive weight or loses weight at a rapid rate. Both the situation is not a healthy one for a bodybuilder. It is seen that users prefer to continue using it so that they could maintain the effect of Dbol cycle. It is never suggested to use Dbol for a longer duration as already mentioned above that longer usage may have some serious harm on the liver or cause several health issues. As the effect of Dbol lasts for a period that is too short so it is highly recommended to choose a bodybuilding supplement that helps in gaining results for longer and sustainable period.

Beginners may fear it but other supplements whose effects are for longer duration is always better than consuming Dbol for a longer period.